Week 8: Testing and Work Week

I hope you all enjoyed the extra R&R weekend. As a reminder I will not be in class this week, but am available via email. Though, even if I’m not here, there is work to be done. Here is the schedule for the week:

Monday: Review for Unit 2 Test (HW: Study)
Tuesday: Unit 2 Test on The Early Roman Empire (HW: 3 Assignments)
Wednesday: In class work day for final project (HW: 3 Assignments)
Thursday: Documentary on the Fall of Rome with Questions (HW: 3 Assignments)
Friday: In class work day for final exam study guide (HW: 3 Assignments)

As I discussed with you all in class last Monday, there will be 3 remaining assignment to complete before the final exam and I am trusting you to manage your time to complete them. The due dates and assignment are as follows:

  • Chapter 23-26 Reading Notes on the Rise of Monotheism and the Fall of Rome (Due: Monday May 13)
  • Final Exam Study Guide for Extra Credit (Due: Tuesday May 21 or Thursday May 23)
  • Final Project comparing 2 civilizations (Due: Tuesday May 14) [grade will be determined using the final project rubric attached below]

History Final Rubric

Good luck! I look forward to hearing a good report from the substitute and seeing you all when I get back!


Week 6: Cultural History of Rome

Welcome back from the long weekend! This week we will focus on what daily life was like for Ancient Romans in the Roman Empire. Our schedule will be as follows:

Monday: No School
Tuesday: Discuss Women and Households in Rome (HW: Chapter 18 Notes)
Wednesday: Discuss Pompeii & Roman Entertainment (HW: Chapter 19 Notes)
Thursday: Discuss Business and the Roman Economy (HW: Study for Culture Quiz)
Friday: Quiz on Roman Culture (HW: Chapter 17 Notes)

Next week, we will be returning to the Roman Emperor Dynasties for the expansion of Roman politics.

Have a good weekend!

Week 5: The Julio-Claudian Dynasty

This week we will cover the rise of the Emperors of Rome and begin talking about the culture of the Roman Empire.

Monday: Discuss Augustus Caesar (HW: Chapter 13/14 Worksheet)
Tuesday: Discuss contributions to Rome by 1st Dynasty Emperors (HW: Chapter 15 Notes)
Wednesday: Finish Julio-Claudian Discussion (HW: Chapter 16 Notes & Study for Quiz)
Thursday: Quiz on Julio-Claudian Dynasty & Discussion on Childhood in Rome (No HW)
Friday: No School and R&R Weekend!

Next week, we do not have school on Monday! We will be continuing the Life in the Roman Empire discussion and Roman cultural history next week.

Enjoy the break!

Week 4: Unit 1 Test

On Monday we will wrap up AzMerit Testing and we’re off to the aquarium on Tuesday morning, before resuming our normal class schedule! This week in class we will cover:

Monday: Review (MS1/MS2) (HW: Study for Test)
Tuesday: Review (MS5/MS6) (HW: Study for Test)
Wednesday: Unit 1 Test & Note Check (HW: Chapter 11 Notes)
Thursday: The Rise and Fall of Julius Caesar (HW: Chapter 13 Notes)
Friday: The Second Triumvirate and Emperor Augustus (HW: Chapter 14 Notes)

Next week, we will study the early Roman Empire Age as we head to our Quarter 4 R&R Weekend.

Week 3: AZ Merit Schedule

We are getting ready to wrap up the Roman Republic, but we will have a bit of a weird schedule with AZ Merit testing.  We will not have 1st and 2nd period on Tuesday or 5th period on Thursday.

Monday: Discuss Roman slavery & Spartacus (HW: Chapter 9 Notes)
Tuesday: No class (1st & 2nd period) or Discuss the Gracchi Brothers (5th & 6th period) (HW: Chapter 10 Notes – 5th & 6th period)
Wednesday: Discuss the Gracchi Brothers (1st & 2nd period) or Discuss Cicero and the Downfall of the Roman Republic (5th & 6th Period) (HW: Chapter 10 Notes – 1st & 2nd period or Study guide – 5th & 6th period)
Thursday: Discuss Cicero and the Downfall of the Roman Republic (1st & 2nd period) or No class (5th & 6th period) (HW: Study for Quiz)
Friday (Half-Day): Weekly Review Quiz and Unit 1 Test review (HW: Study Guide)

Next week, we have another strange schedule with the end of AZ Merit and the 7th Grade Field Trip. However, everyone will have the Unit 1 Test on Wednesday before moving into the Roman Empire.

Week 2: The Roman Republic (3/25-3/30)

This week we will begin our history of the Roman Republic with their political system, the Punic Wars, and the culture of the Republic. The schedule will be as follows:

Monday: The Roman Assemblies & Senate (HW: Complete Notes on Chapter 6)
Tuesday: The First Punic War (HW: Complete Worksheet)
Wednesday: The Second & Third Punic Wars (HW: Complete Notes on Chapter 7)
Thursday: Cato & Roman Culture (HW: Review for Quiz)
Friday: Review Quiz and More Roman Culture (HW: Complete Note on Chapter 8)