Semester Exam Week 12/17-12/20

We’ve officially made it to the end of term and winter break is in sight…

But first we have our Ancient Egypt Semester Exam. On Monday we will be doing a final review in class and I will be hosting an afterschool study session in Room 206 from 3:10-4pm (ish). On Tuesday, MS1 and MS2 will be taking the exam and MS5 & MS6 will follow on Thursday!

Remember to bring your stamped reading notes for chapters 18, 20, 22-24, 16 and review ?s for Homework points during the test. Also, be sure to turn in your completed study guides for extra credit points!


Last Full Week of Semester! (12/10-12/15)

Congratulations! We have officially read all the chapters in our textbook and our moving into our review period. Our Schedule for the week is below (Remember Ms. Ross will be gone Wednesday-Friday!)

Monday: Chapter 16 King Tut and Archeology Discussion (HW: Ch. 1-10 Review ?s)
Tuesday: Chapter 1-10 Review Day and Study Guides Released (HW: Work on Review)
Wednesday: King Tut Documentary and Main Themes Review (HW: Finish Video ?s)
Thursday: Class Time to Work on Study Guide
Friday: Class Time to Work on Study Guide (Sub has essay assignment if class is not working quietly!)

Looking forward to next week: MS1 & MS2 Test on Tuesday and MS5 & MS6 Test on Thursday. Monday is the last day for review questions both in class and in the study session I will be hosting afterschool in Room 206 until 4pm.

Schedule for December 3 – 7

We are officially in the home stretch for our first semester. With winter in the air we are turning our attention to the downfall of the Egyptian empire. The schedule for the week is below:
Monday – Ch. 20 The Sea People (HW. Ch. 22)
Tuesday – Ch. 22 King for a Day (HW. Ch. 23)
Wednesday – Ch. 23 Great Expectations: The Greek Period (HW. Ch 24)
Thursday – Ch. 24 The Last Chapter: Graeco-Roman Rule (HW. Study for Quiz)
Friday – Half Day, Ch. 18, 20, 22-24 Quiz (Final Quiz of the Term!) (HW. 16)

Looking forward, next week we will be talking the effects of archeology on history and begin reviewing for our Final Semester Exam.

Last Week of Nov. Schedule 11/26-11/30

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are now feeling refreshed and ready to push on through the rest of the semester. Looking forward here is our schedule for the coming week:

Monday: Chapter 19 Reading and Notes in Class (HW: Chapter 21 Notes)
Tuesday: Chapter 21 Discussion (HW: Work on Review Sheet)
Wednesday: REVIEW IN CLASS (HW: Review Sheet/Study for Test)
– Additional Study Session and Tips During Lyceum and Immediately after school
Thursday: Chapter 11-17 Test, not including Ch. 16 (HW: Chapter 18)
Friday: Start Chapter 18 Discussion (HW: Ch. 20)

Only 5 more chapters in the book, then plenty of time for review before our Semester Exam!

Our Schedule for Thanksgiving Week 11/19-11/21

This week we will be turning our attention to the social aspects of life during the New Kingdom. On Monday we will be finishing the chapter group notes for Chapter 12 (Friday’s post-quiz work) and discussing what daily life was like for an average Egyptian person. The students will be assigned Chapter 17 notes for homework. On Tuesday, we will review the notes for Chapter 17 and discuss what childhood was like in Ancient Egypt. The homework will be to prepare for a mini-quiz over the two chapter that will take place during the shortened period on Wednesday. Don’t forget that Wednesday is Spartan Tribe Spirit Day!

I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your R&R weekend!

~Ms. Ross

The Exploration Begins Anew

Welcome to the new 7th Grade Ancient History Blog! I am excited to be joining the SPA faculty and to be working with the seventh grade students moving forward.

A bit about me, I graduated this past July with my Masters Degree in British and European History from the University of Oxford after completing my dissertation on women’s military service in the British Army during World War One. My undergraduate degrees (BA in History and BS in Business Administration) were completed with Honors at American University in Washington, DC where I worked part-time at a local archive. I have had previous experience as a teaching assistant at the college level and spent my summers working as a camp counselor for local Arizona educational based camps. While my research is in modern military history, I have passionately studied ancient history from an early age. In fact, my first essay in third grade was a compare and contrast essay on Ancient Greek and Roman mythology figures.

Over the remainder of the year, I plan to focus on growing historical inquiry and good historical practices through map analysis, identification of historical themes, historical debates, and close readings of historical texts. I will expect the students to arrive in class with relevant, but concise chapter notes and to participate daily in class discussions and chapter reviews. At the end of each week, the students will have a review quiz over what we have covered that week and will have no homework the day before to study. Additionally, they will have 2-3 tests each term including the final exam which will focus on chapter comprehension and historical analysis along class identified themes. Before each test, I will issue a study guide and we will spend at least one full class period reviewing. It is my hope that the students will leave this class with a broader interest in history and with the fundamental tools to conduct historical inquiry.

Grading Scale:

Homework – 25%
Participation – 20%
Quizzes – 25%
Tests – 30%

I look forward to working and getting to know everyone better this year! If you would like to get in touch with me my email is: and I will have Office Hours/Tutoring Session Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during Middle School Lyceum or by appointment.

Best wishes,

Ms. Ross